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Cone 2 væglampe IP44

Cone 2 væglampe IP44

Normalpris 4.095,00 DKK
Normalpris Udsalgspris 4.095,00 DKK
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Inklusive moms.
Cone lights up the garden in a spectacular light as a swivel light. The cylindrical light was created by the designers Ivo Schnell and Jonas Kressel from Hamburg. It is available as a wall and floor light. The latter is anchored into the ground with a pole. The functional and formal characteristic is a hinge which enables the wall light version of cone to pivot through 360° and the wall and floor version of cone to tilt through 90°. Producent IP44  
Materiale: børstet rustfrit stål mat

Lyskilde: 1 x max 120W PAR 38 230V

Fås også i LED og RGB version. Fås med spyd til til at stikke i jord for montering for en mere pris på 499,-

Diameter 14 cm.

Højde 20,8 cm.
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